Honey Soy sauce Garlic Chicken Wing & Matcha Strawberry Roll Cake 

Cornwall is getting blessed by beautiful spring.
I can’t put it into words how much I have been longing for! 

I know I have only way to express my joy: That’s my cooking  

Honey Soy sauce Garlic Chicken Wings.
This dish is really popular for Japanese casual food.
Stair Fried Vegetables Anchovy, Ginger and Soy sauce 
Matcha Strawberry Roll Cake
​That’s pretty popular in Japan as well.
Slight bitter Matcha taste is match with thick sweet cream filling and fresh sweet strawberries. 
Do you fancy tasting them?

I’ll serve you them as kind of very popular Japanese dishes in my next Japanese Food Event.
Friday 13th May, The Bento Night in Truro

I hope I meet you soon.