Charred soy marinated lamb chop, Mustard Green Sushi, Cornish green salad with roasted pepper dressing

My husband and I love lamb, but my little children were not keen to have them as they are likely chewy.
Then, the other day, I marinated the lamb chops in soy sauce and sake overnight because I knew that sake has a good effect to make protein tender. 
No wonder the meat looked darker, but how was the result for marinating?

It was not too bad, my boys devoured these lamb chops! (yay)

Roasted pepper tastes slightly sweet and then, I made the dressing from them.
What a uplifting colour!

And I put a tiny vegetable sushi along.
Pickled Japanese mustard green (Takana-zuke) sushi.

And other charred vegetables and fresh vegetables too.
Tomorrow is a new day.

Yes, indeed.