Pad Thai, Sautéed ginger pork (豚の生姜焼き) & Saltwort Fried tofu Salad (おかひじきサラダ)

Every dish this time is so popular in Japan.
Pad Thai
Courgette with Pickled plum (梅きゅう)
Yuzu (Japanese citrus) Peal
Sautéed ginger pork (豚の生姜焼き)
And this is a very new introducing you from me but so traditional Japanese food:  
Saltwort (Okahijiki おかひじき) and Dried fried-tofu.
This is the side dish which simply mixed with dried fried-tofu, Okahijiki and white Japanese soy sauce.
Not too bad for starting the week.

​I hope you had a restful weekend and have a lovely week too.