Happy New Year & Birthday’s Festive Party

It was the stormy day when we celebrated new year days and my husband’s birthday. 
​I was buzzing in the kitchen in his 
honour (as always?).
  • Tuna Roll Sushi (Heart shape) ハート型まぐろ寿司
  • Tuna Garlic Tartar with Grilled Rice まぐろタルタルソースあえ 焼きおにぎり
  • Lightly Seared Tuna with Yuzu Soy Sauce まぐろのたたき
  • Tofu with special Miso paste 味噌田楽豆腐
  • Simmered Black bean 黒豆煮
  • Okra Salad おくらのサラダ
  • New Year’s Egg Omelette 伊達巻
They all are really traditional Japanese cuisine of New Year’s Festival, Osechi (お節料理).

And the table at the dinner time was… 

  • Beef hamburg with porcini sauce inspired Japanese taste 和風ハンバーグ

         Okra Tempra オクラの天ぷら
         Edamame (Soy beans) Puree 枝豆 ピュレ

  •  Miso Soup 味噌汁
Of course I didn’t forget the dessert which was his most favourite. 

  • Mochi white chocolate garnish Green Tea Flavour 餅 ホワイトチョコレート味
Right, our normal life will finally restart next morning.
I really hope that my family will be smiling all through this year as well.
Long may it continue.