Philleigh Way Cookery School

I joined Philleigh Way Cookery School for aiming at gaining a cooking skill and knowledge of English Christmas dishes.
From beginning their fantastic kitchen was filled with appetising smell and guests’ smiles.  
I couldn’t stop feeling thrill with new experience.  
What a fruitful time! (Actually to be honest, it was quite hard for me  to catch up tuition in native English speed! Anyway it doesn’t matter.) 
​When a wintery sky was getting dark, I was filled with achievement and delicious stuff. 
Suddenly I was missing my dear family, then drove clear down to my house.
“Thank you for waiting for me” 
I already put on Mum’s cap and stood in my kitchen as usual.
Needless to say, I wholeheartedly cooked supper for my family than as usual.    
I turned off a kitchen light with praying for tomorrow’s happiness.
P.S. Thank you very much for fantastic cookery tuition, George.