Recipe -Yuzu Marinated Beet

Hello!I hope you had a great weekend.Here Cornwall of the UK, it is going to be autumn but still very warm, which is good! Today what we are going to share is very pleasant salad recipe.We use fresh beetroot and Japanese condiment, Yuzu juice. This very simple salad is so […]



Today’s takeaway was for our favourite friends. We make our food with love and respect for our customers and harvests of local products.All are our homemade Japanese food. We want to make all people who are interested in our food feel happy by our service.That’s our heart and soul. More […]


Sugata-Zukuri Red Gurnard

This beauty is a Cornish Red Gurnard. The first thing is the first…clean her with love. We made these fillets using a Japanese knife skill which is called Daimyo Oroshi (大名おろし). Then made her up into Sugata-Zukuri which uses all parts includes head, spine and tail! This is her on […]

Art of Food

Autumnal Japanese Plate on the Cornish Beach

The other day, I got a pretty fresh cuttlefish from my fishmonger at Truro farmer’s market. I cleaned all and prepare the body part for my catering of next week.Then I used legs’ part for my family. It’s already September and nearly autumn.So, I made a plate using seasonal ingredients […]