*Recipe* Salted Rice Malt Marinated Chicken Roll (Tori Ham), Japanese Curry Hummus

This is the Tori Ham which was booming in Japan a few years ago.
I use chicken breast for Tori Ham but amazingly this ham is moist and tender not dry at all.
The key is using a Japanese condiment, Salted Rice Malt (Shio Koji) for marinade.  
I just marinated the chicken breast in Salted Rice Malt over night and the next day, I boiled it for only 5 minutes.
It’s so simple and easy recipe, isn’t it?
Right, I have just posted this delectable recipe and a supplier of Salted Rice Malt on my website for you.
Recipe is HERE.

Have a look and I hope you will enjoy this too.

The other day, I served other small Japanese dishes alongside as well. 

Broccoli warm salad with Japanese anchovy cream. 
Chicken Soup with Bean Thread Noodle
Have a lovely week everyone!