Hot taramasalata Linguine (タラモパスタ)& lightly grilled fresh Cornish mackerel (鯖の塩焼き)

Today is the last day of January.
Where has time gone?

Anyway we have enjoyed every single moments as our new experiences in our life throughout this month.
One of them, my elder son had his first school trip and I attended that as a parents volunteer. 

That’s my absolute pleasure to see your own daily figure, my beloved son, there!!
Thank you for giving me this kind of opportunity to feel a joy of parents. 
After I sorted out some of works after this trip, I rushed into the kitchen and cooked a dinner for my family as always.  
The day before of this event’s day, I luckily got a really fresh cod roe from my reliable local fish monger, then I cooked these fresh roe into taramasalata in advance.

Then on this day, just simply I boiled linguine and tossed it with taramasalata, mushrooms, onion, garlic butter, cream and bit white soy sauce in a pan quickly. 

And served with lightly grilled fresh Cornish mackerel (鯖の塩焼き)as well. 
My boys loved these taste.
Thanks goodness!
I cherished my boys’ smiles on that day as usual.

Have a lovely week, my dear friends and families in Cornwall & Japan.