Mint, Garlic, Yogurt Marinated Lamb Steak, Herby Crispy Potatos, Carrot Rapees

This might look like good for sharing big dinner.

Marinated Lamb steaks.
Herby Crispy Potato and Carrot Rapees
I use Greek olive paste for the potato as hidden flavour (whispering). 
Do you think you would need special big works if you would fancy these big meals? 
No worries, guys, honestly.

The keys are just preparations of the day before: marinate the lamb with dried mint, lots of fresh garlic and Greek yogurt (and don’t forget adding some good sea salt!) for over night. 

And on the day, grill them with 220C for 13 minutes in the oven. 
And you can make the carrot rapees a couple of days in advance of your serving and keep them in the fridge, which is really versatile, isn’t it!

I would be hectic whole this week for my children’s Christmassy events and volunteering.
I’m sure you would have super busy days for being ready for celebrating Christmas as well.
​Take care and have a joyous week, everyone.

​Naoko x