Modern Kaiseki Celebration platter

The other day, it was the last day of my elder son’s reception class year in his life.
He had a lovely lovely graduation ceremony with other classmates at the school.
Lucky boy!

I assume he sometimes experienced not easy time in the new surrounding, but he has never murmured.
I’m so proud of my little boy.
Then I set up a bit special but very heartfelt dinner for him:
Modern Kaiseki Celebration Platter.  
All dishes are his favourite food.

Deep fried chicken.
I draw “Congratulation” in Japanese with the sauce for the chicken.
Shiso (Japanese herb) rice and Umekyu (Pickled plum and courgette).
Braised turnip.
And fruits as dessert.
Well done Satoshi, such a big journey.
I dare to share my favourite saying what I heard from his teacher is “The thing that makes you wonderful, and will shine through all you do, is just to be yourself, and be proud that you are you.”.
(So toughed me!)