Sake Marinated Braised Chicken Leg, Thyme, Lemon, Garlic

This French inspired dish is quite easy peasy.
Apply sea salt over the chicken first, then just marinate them with Sake, thyme, sliced lemon, pepper corn, sliced garlic.
But there is one more hidden flavour: it’s Japanese kelp powder, Kombu-cha 
I dissolved this flavourful powder into the marinade and let them in a fridge over night.
Then next day, just braised with vegetables like potato and carrot in a pan together.
By the effect of Sake, the meat is really tender and succulent.
Obviously you can substitute white wine for sake.
Chicken legs are fatty but the flavour of lemon and thyme perfectly remove the heavy taste.
And serve a fresh mint salad and balsamic dressing along side.
If you are intrigued the typical Japanese condiment, Kelp Powder, I’ll be able to sell some for you.
I’ve got lots of stocks at my kitchen.
Let me know if you need.
It’s already weekend, hooray!!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone x