Vegetable Tantan (hot soup) Ramen with No Gluten Noodle

I know, I have been so frustrated by not making my recipe of this vegetarian/vegan dish.
That’s Vegetable Tantan (hot soup) Ramen with No Gluten Noodle.
Finally I’ve made my original recipe and am quite chuffed!
This overwhelmingly rich flavourful broth made of Japanese kelp, Shiitake (Japanese mushroom), Soy, Sake and so on.
I’m so satisfied with this taste because it’s absolutely authentic Japanese Tantan taste.
​(Actually Tantan Ramen is my most favourite in any Ramen broth)
And also even these who have gluten tolerance would be able to enjoy together! 
I’m sure this scrumptious dish would be on the menu as an vegetarian option for my Sushi & Ramen Night in Falmouth in April.

I’m so looking forward to hosting you there!