Negi-Toro (Spring onion & Fatty tuna) dishes

Stunning sunset in early spring.
The other day, when I felt that I was blessed in such a beautiful Cornwall, I wanted to made a delightful healthy food for my family.
Then what I chose was Negi-Toro.
Negi-toro is made up of Negi (spring onion) and Toro (Fatty tuna).
In Japanese sushi restaurants, this is quite popular and I myself ordered this every time.

This time I put Negi-toro on Tofu as a topping for a Tofu Salad.

And served Vegetable Fried Rice alongside as well.
Handmade special dressing for Tofu salad.
What a clean and healthy taste!

And the next day, I arranged the Negi-toro which was left-over to a canapé style.

Negi-toro Courgette Canapé and Grilled Whelk 
I grilled Whelk with Butter Soy sauce.
Yes as you know, this is golden Japanese taste. 
Negi-Toro….OH what an arrange-able dish!

Would you fancy trying this typical Japanese dish?
If so, you can learn how to make this super food in PhilleighWay Cookery School with us.

Our next course is Wednesday 29th March, and I would love to share this new cooking with you.

I hope to see you as much as we can.