Japanese pinchos -Butter Soy Grilled Scallop with Cheddar Doria

I LOVE Spanish food especially pinchos.
These tiny but so exquisite food stimulate my craving for creativity. 
My basic skills of Spanish food came from San Sebastian where is a sacred city in Spain, and I learnt some authentic Spanish cookery there.

​Remembering the remarkable experiences in San Sebastian, I made this teeny tiny pinchos at my kitchen.

The little boat is made of British baby potato and that is stuffed with Cheddar doria (grilled rice).
Then place the butter soy grilled scallop on top and drizzle vinaigrette sauce. 
This finger food was huge hit for my family.
The key for this dish is to boil potato in decent salted water and grill scallop quickly not losing their Umami juice.

I’m sure this is worth trying in your kitchen!
Have a lovely day, everyone.