Cornish Octopus in Red Wine Mediterranean Stew

This is my favourite fisherman/ fish monger; Kernow Sashimi
I always have huge fun with chatting with the fisherman and sales staffs at their market stall.

The other day, I found a big European octopus there.
It’s really rare for Cornish fisherman to get an octopus. There is no reason I can’t stop myself to buy it (Octopus is one of my favourite seafood).

I cleaned and removed any slimy from it using lots of salt in my kitchen.

Then I made this Mediterranean dish; Cornish Octopus in Red Wine Mediterranean Stew

This stew contains lots of fresh vegetables, herbs, Port wine and seafood broth.
Rich and deep but absolutely clean and delightful taste.
I quite like this vitamin colours like this summer.

How lucky to soak up the lush sun for long time!

I hope you have a lovely day today too.