Vinegared Sashimi Mackerel (Shime-Saba しめ鯖) & Tofu Sushi Canapé 

The other day, when I luckily got freshest mackerels from the local fishmonger, I decided my mind to make what  is my favourite.

Cleaned them carefully and then made them into fillets.
​(I do love this curing steps!) 
And can you guess what I made with them?

That was…
Vinegared Sashimi Mackerel (Shime-Saba).

And Tofu Sushi Canapé.
More healthy, more clean food. 
So these dishes didn’t contain either any oil or fat! 
Looking like a spring garden made me uplifting so much.
And most of all, their nicely tangy taste and perfectly firm dense texture are my boys’ favourite. 
It’s nearly Easter Holiday and this means it’s almost April.
Where did time fly???
Anyway I hope you had a lovely weekend too.