Smoked Haddock, Curry flavoured Celeriac, Yogurt Dressing

Celeriac, someone said it’s ugly nubbly vegetable, but I never think that, because they are enough attractive to enchant me with their aromatic flavour! 
The other day, I made the dinner using this seasonal vegetable and smoked haddock which my boys’ favourite as that’s boneless.

First, simmered smoked haddock with milk, then once remove the haddock from the sauce pan.
Add butter, onion, garlic, caper and loads of dill to the sauce pan, then swear until the onion is be translucent.  

I’ll tell you about farther more steps in my recipe in the near future, but all are quite simple and quick cooking. 
Lots of Christmas events of my boys’ school are coming up until the middle of this month, which are fun to keep myself busy as mum.
On the other hand, naughty germs are swarming around as well.

Keep yourself warm, well and stay healthy, everyone.