Scallop Kelp butter sauce, Tantan dipping Ramen (with recipe attached)

I quite like Asian sauce, and especially this all-rounder sauce fascinated me: Asian onion sauce.
This is a matching for grilled meat, surely fish (especially perfect for a prawn) and also for a dressing for salad and even for a Tofu!  
You can keep this sauce for 3 days in the fridge, so such a saviour for busy mums.

Here is the recipe of this Asian Onion sauce:

​The other day, I grilled scallop with this lovely sauce and butter sauce.
I added my twist to the classical butter sauce by using a kelp powder: it slightly tastes Japanese flavour.  
And as a side dish, I made Tantan dipping ramen (spicy dipping noodle).
Umm not too bad actually.
My holiday will nearly start, aww I can’t wait because I’m going to attend some local culinary lessons in other countries!

I hope you all have a lovely summer.