Teriyaki Sushi Burger, Cornish Hake, Chinese corn soup 

One day I found a really fresh Hake which was caught from Newlyn. 
How can I resist it?

I prepared the steak for filleting and then, I made use of remained big born for making a fish broth.

I boiled this slim beauty with a leek, garlic & Sea salt for a few minutes until it’s Umami came out.
This broth was so flavourful that I didn’t need any artificial seasoning at all. 

Meanwhile I cooked Hake with garlicy bread crumbs which was leftover of my sushi making night on the day before. 

The best matching with the tender Hake meat & crispy garlic bread crumbs!

​And I finally assembled all elements, Sushi Burger Rice pate, Cress, Avocado, Hake and Teriyaki sauce. 

My children really loved their small size one too.
The Chinese corn soup which was based on the hake broth was speechlessly delightful taste.
Aww Mr Hake totally healed me in this middle day of a week.
Thanks goodness!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.