Salted Rice Malt Marinated Pork Shoulder (塩麹あえポークステーキ), Parmigiano Reggiano Tuile, Fresh parsley

Happy New Year!!
Hope 2018 brings you lots of smiles, love & peace and surely healthy food too!

As the first recipe of 2018, we’re posting this hearty recipe:
Salted Rice Malt Marinated Pork Shoulder, Parmigiano Reggiano Tuile, Fresh parsley   

Today I would like to share this typical Japanese condiment *Salted Rice Malt (塩麹)* to you all. 
It nicely has salty and natural sweet taste and also such a deep flavour made from malt’s fermentation. 
To be fair, it’s so hard to get this condiment in Cornwall, but I’m so enthusiastic to make some opportunities for you to try this healthy condiment.
So in my next cookery workshop at Etherington, I’ll let you taste this condiment and share some easy recipes using this condiment.
(Also I’m going to sell some at the workshops)   

Anyway, going back to the recipe, HERE is the recipe of the dish. 

It’s New Year and my new sail for challenging for my new venture has just started!

I hope you have set up yourself for 2018 too.