Char-grilled Wagyu (Japanese beef) steak and seasonal vegetable rice bowl

This was my first trial for the sample image of my next supper club in Truro.
Car-grilled Wagyu steak and seasonal vegetable rice bowl. 
Wagyu has exquisite marbled appearance due to the intricate layers of intramuscular fat.
Char-grilled meat is tremendously tender and has rich flavour, which melts in your mouth.
And luckily I got a freshest Shiso, Japanese herb, from a local supplier. 
This appearance is quite similar with Nettle, but taste is totally different: more tangy, full of aromatic taste.
Awww such an exotic little chap! 

I chose these summer seasonal vegetable from the local and cooked for the topping.

And serve Cornish sea salt with kelp powder alongside. 
I will keep tuning the taste and presentation to my best, and I will be pleased to host you with these my love in the next month.