Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino, Rillettes Smoked Cornish Mackerel (Asian arrangement) 

This season has come…it’s SUMMER HOLIDAYS!

Anyway, it means I should enjoy to spend a time with my lovely cheeky children.
(I Initially have to say “I love it!” 🙂 )

Okay Okay.
I’m really lucky to live such a beautiful ideal place for children.

I brought my children to a beach as always on this day.
We enjoyed really fresh oysters & Crab meat @Ostraca Pop Up Seafood Bar at Carlyon Beach.

We totally loved them!

​After these feast, I rushed a cook for their dinner.

Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino & Rillettes Smoked Cornish Mackerel.

By adding Fish sauce and Coriander instead of parsley & Salt, their taste was absolutely changed to Asian flavour.
Also the children loved this!

I love Friday Night.
​I love smiles of my beloved.
(And love this my own Strawberry Gin…Sheee!)

I really hope you have a lovely weekend as always.