Grilled Lamb marinated garlic soy, Salad with Miso dressing  

My elder son who is 5 years old has got his first wobbly teeth. 
He shows his mixed feeling on his face, excited about his new experience but very scared about his unknown situation.
Bless him! 

On such a remarkable day in this week, I made a dinner based on Japanese flavours for my family.

They were Grilled Lamb marinated garlic soy and Salad with Miso gressing  
I was thinking about a new recipe for my Japanese Cookery Lesson @Philleighway Cookery School and created this miso dressing.

And served fresh organic mushrooms along side.

All clean and fresh taste!

Well, I run a Japanese Supper Club @Porthtowan Beach Cafe with 38 guests tomorrow evening.
I’m so excited to meet you there!

Have a lovely weekend.