Soy Marinated Stewed Pork (Chashu チャーシュー), Braised Mushroom Onion Cream Soup, Yuzu Soy jelly

Ding Ding!
It was a dark, wet and windy day, so I tried to make myself uplift treating a warm meal.
That meal I made was this.
Soy Marinated Stewed Pork, Braised Mushroom Onion Cream Soup, Yuzu Soy jelly 
First, I made a stew of soy marinated pork loin in a deep pan with a heavy lid on that. We call this dish Chashu.
This is the perfect food for stock in your freezer. 
Meanwhile made a mushroom onion cream soup in a small sauce pan.
Braised sliced onion and torn mushrooms with salted butter until they are completely infused in the butter. 
Then, put them in the food processor adding a fish broth.
My fish broth was made of roasted prawns’ heads and shells.   
Then transport the mixture to the sauce pan again and heat it adding a single cream on a low heat.
Don’t boil the cream soup, we should stop heating just before boiled.
Right, it had taken almost 20 minutes until this point.
Whilst I was waiting for the stewed pork, made a Yuzu soy jelly using a Japanese Agar, Pearl Agar. 
At this time, stewed pork was ready to go and it’s time to make a presentation.
(My tummy was rumbling!)
After assembling these main ingredients on a plate or bowl, I sprinkled chopped chive and place a fried lotus root as garnish.

Humm actually not too bad, this very rich and creamy meal was perfect for winter.

I hope this post would be inspirational for your cooking today.

Have a lovely day.