Warm salmon salad

After another fun time, I was encouraged to make a new dinner plate by such a inspirational beautiful environment of Cornwall.  
The dish was Warm salmon salad.
Grilled salmon & potato, roasted pepper, caramelised onion, mushed soy beans yuzu pepper and sesame dressing.
And remarkably I put Shaved Kelp (Tororo Kombu) for the garnish on top. 
This is so fine and floppy sheet of kelp like a candy floss, but historical and quite typical Japanese condiment.
Luckily I’ve got the pack from Japan.
Kelp contains high good calcium but really low calories ( yay! ).
My mum used to serve the food which used this healthy condiment to our family.

This time I arranged the presentation to be mixed with Spanish cuisine.
My children might be too young to appreciate Tororo Kombu’s subtle taste but ​I just hope they will enjoy these different but our culture in the future.