Beef consommé, Portini mushroom Stir fried rice, Seasonal vegetables

My holidays are finished…aww, hard to regain the normal life rhythm but on the other hand I’m feeling that the days I spent in abroad were far far back memory (or fantasy?!).   

Luckily I had an opportunity to attend a local culinary lesson in Vienna.
All dishes are authentic and traditional Viennese food, and the knowledgeable tutor gave me lots of tips for cookings and Austrian culinary. 
Mixing with some of the Viennese tips and traditional Japanese taste, I made a small dish: Beef consommé, Portini mushroom Stir fried rice, seasonal vegetables. 
Most of these vegetables what my boys planted are from my garden and totally organic.
September just has started already.

I hope you are starting a wonderful new month too.