Seafood Risotto with Japanese flavours 

On the day which I visited to the Carlyon Bay, luckily I could get a whole Cornish Crab from ​​_Ostraca Pop Up Venue.
Then could you guess what I cooked with this crab?
That was a risotto with Cornish seafoods with Japanese flavours.
I steamed the rice with traditional Japanese seasoning, dried seaweed, dried bonito (kind of Tuna) and Sake, instead of the water.
And added the squid bit after for pulling out it’s flavour into the rice. 
Hence I’m sure my risotto packs absolute deep flavours.

The base was the puree made of Yuzu and pepper.
No doubt about perfect finishing is the topping Cornish Crab meat with chopped Coriander.

Joy joy, oh my word!

What will I arrange the left Cornish Crab tomorrow?
Happy cooking makes me happy.

Have a restful evening, dear all my friends.