For such a rainy day

In this winter, it stormed incessantly, and the sky particularly has showed us its dramatic face.  

​On such a dodgy day, I enjoyed chatting bringing my children at my friend’s house. 
Precious time for refreshing myself.

After the enjoyable time, I stood in the kitchen as always.
I love this quiet moment as well. 

  • Teriyaki Chicken 照り焼きチキン
  • Carrot Tempura にんじんかき揚げ
The chicken which was marinated in sweet soy sauce overnight was amazingly tender and juicy.
You can freeze some leftover chicken and tempura for the other dinner or for your child’s lunch box. 
Do you fancy them?
I’m planning to run some lessons not only Sushi but Japanese traditional cookery in this year.
I hope to meet you then.