Thank you so much for sharing your passion to food and your deep knowledge of cookery with us. Such an inspirational and memorable time!

​Now it’s time to share our all knowledge and skills about sushi making.

Naoko will pack all her knowledge and passion of sushi and basic Japanese culinary for you.
You can gain skills from the beginning of how to steam sushi rice for 8 types of well-known traditional Sushi including making Tempura and Sashimi.

Thursday 7th June
10.00am – 3.00pm

Sushi 8 types: Roll, California Roll, Nigiri, Gunkan Maki, Small Ball, Hand Roll, Oshi (pressed), Inari (deep-fried tofu), 

Making (steamed) Sushi Rice
Making 8 various types of sushi (see following)
Knife skills for Sashimi
Tempura, Teriyaki chicken and other basic Japanese cookery 

Due to my heartfelt care for guests, we would like to limit the number of guests to 3.

Roll Sushi

California Roll Sushi

Nigiri Sushi

Small Ball Sushi

Hand Roll Sushi

Oshi Sushi

Inari Sushi

Gunkan Maki