Gomoku Inari Sushi (五目いなり寿司) & Sashimi Tuna Canapé with Yuzu Soy

We are blessed in such a beautiful Cornwall.
Thankfully we have had glorious weather while this half term.

Not surprised if I were quite happy in my sunny kitchen!

These my happy feelings encouraged me to make little gems for our dinning table.
They were never beaten by any stunning sunshine. 

They were Gomoku Inari Sushi & Sashimi Tuna Canapé with Yuzu Soy.
Can you guess what the fillings of these Inari (Deep-fried seasoned Tofu) sachets? 
The answer is…
 Sushi rice and Japanese dashi seasoned vegetables & seaweed! 
This filling, Gomoku Sushi, is pretty popular in all over Japan.
In other words, this is one of the very typical Japanese home-style food.

And another gem is Sashimi Tuna Canapé with Yuzu soy.
Someone is hiding in a bamboo leaf…

Here we go!
These crystal Yuzu soy jelly was melt in your mouth and made a beautiful harmony taste with Tuna.
Looking good and fun to eat!

My boys really love Tuna Sashimi (of course my husband does too!), so I was pretty happy to make these dishes as well.

I hope you all will be able to start the  next week smoothly.

Best wishes,