Braised Cornish plaice (カレイの煮付)

The other day, luckily I got really fresh plaices which were caught just the day before by the local fishmonger, Kernowsashimi.  
It was just the timing I was thinking about “authentic Japanese mum’s taste”.

Then I didn’t need any time to struggle to decide the menu with these beautiful Cornish plaices.

It was Braised Cornish Plaice.   

Plaice is a so popular fish in Japan also, and my mum served this dish on her table so often. 
To be fair, it would come from just a generation but I much prefer more thick and dense flavour than the taste in my memory.

Then I arranged the method for cooking this traditional food:
I plunge the slightly salted plaice into the hot oil and make it deep-fried for adding a deep flavour, and then braise the fish in a soy sauce based broth.   

Aww I love this deeply flavourful dish!
And my children do too.

I garnished Tofu with Garlic Miso paste, Yuzu Pearl, Courgette with pickled plum (梅きゅう) on Cornish stones which are handpicked by my boys.

All flowers are organic and edible from my garden.
Oh joy, because my family really enjoyed this traditional food not only me!

It’s nearly weekend, I hope you have a lovely & relaxing weekend.