Grilled Eel Rice Bowl (うな重) & Kelp Salad

Grilled Eel.
This was the most of the fish which I have been so desparate to cook in my Japanese dining in the UK.

We Japanese enjoy eels in fillet and grill it above charcoal.
That’s an artisan world such as there are specialists and restaurants that specialise in eel dishes in Japan.
This meal is so traditional and has long history in our country. 
So, no wonder their dishes are so expensive and that is for special occasion meal for us.

Finally…yes indeed finally I found them in the UK!     

Eel fillets which were grilled on a far infrared radiation are incredibly melt in your mouth!

Enjoy with a special sweet soy sauce on it.
Ohh Bliss! 

Alongside I made Kelp and Sansai (Mountain Vegetables) Salad with Aspergillus oryzae (麹) Dressing.
They are very Japanese food and I love these fermented food since they create deep flavours for us.   

My boys who experienced the grilled eel for their first time gobbled them as well.
Thanks goodness for our health and lucky opportunity to enjoy our these heritages.