Spider Crab & Fennel Salad with Ponzu (Japanese citrus dressing)

It was a cold and cloudy day when I luckily found the freshly steamed spider crab at the local fish monger.  
Also I could get my favourite fresh vegetables from the local store.
Fennel, Broccoli and Mooli.
What a lucky day!
They absolutely made my day.

I stood in the kitchen as always and immedietly started the preparation for the dinner.
Removed the top shell & legs and picked out all crab meat.
Pickled the fennel & mooli into the Yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) Vinaigrette.

I chose to make them up into the healthy salad. 
Spider Crab & Fennel Salad with Ponzu (Japanese citrus dressing).
Great contrast, rich & thick flavour of spider crab and fresh & crunchy root vegetables.  
My children who saw the whole crab for the first time enjoyed this salad and made their plates empty in a blink.   
Nowadays they are getting interested in Japanese language thankfully.

“Gochiso sama deshita”