Charred Chicken Rice Bowl 

This Half term is nearly finishing (Phew!).
I have been so tired to keep my children busy.  
Such a worn-out time, this special dressing always 
helps me. 
Vegetable dressing.
I marinated Chicken thigh meat with this dressing for a few hour in advance.
Then the dish I cooked on this day was Charred Chicken Rice Bowl.
Do you know Onions and Apples have an enzyme to make protein softer?
Hence this charred chicken is incredibly soft and juicy!  

Topping is my original fluffy seaweed cream. 
​The ultimate combination with succulent chicken & savoury light cream.
My family is huge fan of this dish.

Don’t forget to set the dressing alongside too.
The cooking time always  heals me. 
Thanks goodness, today is Friday!

Have a splendid weekend everyone.