Recipe: Stir-fried Beef Udon Noodle (Yaki Udon 焼きうどん)

Stir-fried Beef Udon Noodle (Yaki Udon 焼きうどん)

Today we’d like to share a super quick but also hearty gutty meal for you.
That is Stir-fried Beef Udon Noodle (Yaki Udon 焼きうどん)

Udon is thick wheat noodle, which is typical Japanese food.


Nowadays even in Britain, you can get these ready cook type in major super stores. If you get these fresh types, you don’t need to boil the noodles.
Hence the fresh type is essential stock in my kitchen for in case of my busy day.

Today’s dish is one pot meal but most importantly that includes all main nutritions: proteins (beef), carbohydrates (Udon), vitamins (broccoli & pepper), minerals (sesame seeds, pine nuts)

Sounds like super-hero or dream dish (for mum)!
My children aged 7 and 5 years LOVE this sweet-savoury dish so much, so for me, how delightful.

Stir-fried Beef Udon Noodle (Yaki Udon 焼きうどん)

Can you guess how many minutes would you need for this?
That takes only 20 minutes, actually.
Woo Hoo

Would you be intrigued to this hearty dish?
Here is the Stew-by-step recipe for you.

I hope you have had a good week.
I’ll be gonna be busier for my pop-up for this weekend in beautiful St Ives.
Have a happy cooking, everybody.


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