Homemade Smoked Salmon, Simmered Vegetables, Smoked Cods’ Roe (Tarako, たらこ) Sushi, Miso Soup

oh boys, that’s camera bombing!

It’s a time for mums to shift the gear up -it’s half term! (woo hoo)
So I dare to show the picture above which was put on the shelf.

Right, I’m gladly gonna share typical Japanese plate with you but that’s twisted with my favourite’s.

Homemade Smoked Salmon, Simmered Vegetables, Pickled Carrot Sushi, Miso Soup
Homemade Smoked Salmon

This super tender, moisture and smokey salmon is my family’s big hit!

Simmered Vegetables

This lovely warm salad is basically made of potato, spinach, celery, lots of garlic and anchovies.
And hidden spice is Fennel seeds.

gosh, micro miso soup

For my client who is on diet at this moment, I serve a micro miso soup despite of miso soup itself has super low calorie.

Pickled Carrot Sushi

The other day, I have made another smoked cod roe (Tarako たらこ) which is very common and popular food in Japan by myself, and I made a sushi seasoning with the smoked roe this time.

I love these my original food obviously but also I have a responsibility to pass my tradition on my children.
(Luckily my boys enjoy our oriental taste so far!)

Hope you have had a lovely half term or week, spring is around the corner!


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