Menu – Speciality Set Menu

Course A)Matsu 松 £45  
Sushi Platter (15 pieces with fresh Cornish seafood)
Pork or Chicken dumplings (15 pieces)
Teriyaki Chicken steak
Stir-fried Prawn Glass Noodle

Course B)Take 竹 £25 
Sushi Platter (8 pieces with fresh Cornish seafood)
Pork or Chicken dumplings (10 pieces)
Vegetable Stir-fried Glass Noodle


Course C)Ume 梅 £15 
Sushi Platter (7 pieces with fresh Cornish seafood)

Course D)Fuji 富士 £15 
Sushi Cake (Sliced into 8 pieces)
Freshly cooked seasonal seafood or vegetables

(*)Include Pickled ginger, Wasabi, Soy sauce, Chopsticks   

<Terms & Conditions>
1.  Payment in full must be received 7 days before the service.
2. In the service that you cancel your order or change number of guest, the following terms apply:

  • Seven days or less before the event – Full refund or change to other events in Naoko’s Kitchen.
  • Less than seven days before the event – No refund

3. Payment is available with BACS or Paypal

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Course Ax1
Course D


Course Ax1, Bx1, Dx2


Course Dx2


Pad thai