Samgye-tang-style Chicken Risotto (参鶏湯風 鶏粥) 

Crispy Chilli Beef Noodle (Kata Yaki Soba)

Osechi- Ryori (Japanese traditional New Year celebrating dish) 3 ways

Little Samurai Chef -Bonsai Sushi

Tonkatsu (Breaded deep-fried pork steak) Ponzu dressing and Stir-fried vegetables with Hummus dressing (Goma Ae)

Japanese inspired Mint marinated Cornish Lamb Chop Steaks

Chorizo Stir-fried Rice

Stir Fried Pork Udon 焼うどん

Garlic Prawn, Halloumi, Brussels Sprouts Warm Salad with Tahini Yogurt Dressing

Salmon Cream Croquette

Chicken with dry sherry, lemon, garlic and thyme

Scallop, Avocado, Blue Silton Soup

Pink Grapefruit, Soy Marinated Cornish Chicken 

Salmon Yuzu pepper Creamy Fettuccine

Japanese-style Mapo Tofu

Japanese Deep-fried Chicken (Chicken Karaage 唐揚げ)

Soy Soup Udon Noodle with Braised Beef and Soft Boiled Creamy Egg
​(肉うどん 温玉のせ)

Greek-style Spinach Pie

Scottish Salmon, Leek, Garden pea and Blue Stilton Stew

Chicken & Summer Vegetables Chowder

Grilled Pork, Ginger and Leek with Anchovy (豚の生姜焼き)

Fried Prawn with Yogurt Mayo Sauce (Ebi-Mayo)

Spicy Yogurt Tahini Dip (Mediterranean)

Freshly Cooked Scottish Mussels with Garlic Cream Sauce

Salted Rice Malt Marinated Chicken Roll (Tori Ham)

Steamed Chicken Dumplings with Ponzu dressing

Sake steamed Chicken Breast Tofu Salad 

Garlic Teriyaki Salmon Steak

Ponzu Dressing

Beef Steak Japanese Style, Soy Stir-fried Beetroot (Kimpira Beetroot)

Kombu seasoned Haddock, Ponzu Cabbage Hot Salad

Grilled Leek, Garic and Ginger with Anchovy

Chinese Warm Salad -Smoked mackerel, Pak choi, Brussel sprout 

Noodle Soup with Wasabi & Ginger Lamb Balls 

Asian Coconut Chicken Stew

Lightly Seared Beetroot & Soy Marinated Scottish Salmon Sashimi

Organic Beetroot Kimpira (Stir-fried Beetroot Salad)

Tomato Mango Salad with Kikkoman Soy Ginger dressing

Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast with Spinach Risotto

​Cornish Mackerel, Organic vegetables, Garlic Biscuits, Parsley oil dressing, Ponzu jure

2 Way Tofu Fritters -Gammo

​Salted Rice Malt Marinated Pork Shoulder, Parmigiano Reggiano Tuile, Fresh parsley

Udon, Spicy Sesame Soy Dipping Soup

Soba (Buckwheat) Noodle with Traditional Dipping Soup 

Ginger Salmon Coconut Asian Spaghetti

Smoked Mackerel and Red cabbage slaw Roll Sushi

Asian Onion Sauce

Anchovy Lemon Pasta

Asian Summer Harusame (bean thread noodle) Salad
​with grilled basa, sesame seeds

Carrot Coconut Asian Soup

Bean Thread Noodle Oyster Sauce

Vegetable Dressing

All-round sauce for marinade meats or just a dressing for salad