We are going to launch monthly Ramen Master Class which is absolutely authentic, fun and hands-on class.
In this culinary journey, you will learn to cook one of the world-famous Japanese Noodle Soup, Ramen. 
You will gain how to make chicken Ramen broth, Ramen toppings (pork Chashu, perfect half-boiled egg, Garlic Leek Oil etc) from all scratch and why not make your family/friends impressed at home!

They make perfect gifts for your friends and family.

All tickets Sold Out.
Thank you a lot of interest.
We are looking forward to cooking Ramen with you!

11am on Saturday 2nd February 2019
​(duration 2.5-3h)

Penair School 

Chicken Ramen with Pork Chashu (braised pork ham), half-boiled egg, Mapo pork topping, Garlic Leek Oil

Make a chicken ramen broth from scratch 
Make a Pork Chashu
Make half-boiled egg
Make Garlic Leek oil
Make a Mapo pork topping

£72.58 per person including card handling fee

Chicken Ramen

Pork Cha-shu (braised pork ham)

Prefect Half-boiled Egg

Garlic Leek Oil

Build Your Ramen Style