Private Sushi making session is a great way to bring a group of friends or family together and enjoy delicious Japanese food (maybe with a glass of wine?).

Sushi Making Session Menu

Set A) £33 per person
2types of Sushi (8 pieces)
Cornish crab Inari (deep-fried tofu)(2 pieces)
Japanese dessert

Set B) £25 per person 
2types of Sushi (8 pieces)

Set C) £20 per person
1 type of Sushi (4 pieces)

All ingredients, equipments, cutleries and side dish Wasabi paste, Pickled ginger included.

<Type of Sushi>
1) Roll Sushi

2)California Roll Sushi

<Filling for Roll Sushi>
A) Smoked Cornish Mackerel, St Ewe’s Free Range Egg Omelette

B) Scottish Sashimi Salmon, Avocado

C) Teriyaki Chicken, Cucumber 

Politely asking: ordering minimum 6 people or total ordering price is over £120

<Side dishes (optional)>
 -Pork dumpling (10 pieces) £10
 -Bean thread noodle salad (V) £5
 -Edamame beans (podded soy beans) (V)(Ve) £3