Dear All Naoko’s Kitchen customers and partners,  We always feel honoured to be your chosen Japanese food caterer and to have Japanese cooking lessons in Cornwall. We have held cooking classes, pop-ups, private catering and takeaway service of Japanese food for almost 5 years in Cornwall. We have served our food to more than 2,300 people […]


Local Caught Cornish Seafood

They are absolutely too fresh, so that there is no other way to serve them as Sashimi (raw seafood). We will clean and cure these beauties (and more various fish will come!) with love and respect, and will cater them to my special customer’s big birthday dinner this week. Have […]


Zuke (Marinated) Seafood Chirashi Sushi

5th May is Children’s Day in Japan and particularly we celebrate boys’ health and growing on the day.Then I made my boys’ request for the dinner.That was Zuke (Marinated) Seafood Chirashi Sushi. The toppings were shiny, and the antique Japanese food box which is called Ojuu (お重) seemed like jewel […]


Japanese Lazy Curry Ravioli

We, working mums, are always busy for juggling everything around us.The other day, when I did not have enough time to cook a dinner for the family, I made up funny fusion food 🙂 I just took out the curry sauce which was a leftover of last week from the […]


Beef Stroganoff, Ginger Panna Cotta

This Russia originated food is perfect for busy day since all are in one bowl and simple cooking. I couldn’t be more grateful for this hearty meal because everybody loves this creamy sauce in my family! That is always a winner for kids. Usually I garnish minced parsley on top, […]


Recipe Video -Chicken Umen Soup

In this video, you will get to learn how to make Japanese noodle recipe at home. It’s a healthy and easy recipe that can be made at home and requires very minimal preparation. Also, we share how to cook traditional Japanese ingredients as well. Japanese home-style food is healthier and […]