Relaxed & stunning environment to experience authentic Sushi and popular Japanese cuisine. 
All equipments and ingredients are
provided for you for the day, please just bring yourselves.

A huge thank you to everyone who joined our hands-on Japanese Cookery Classes in 2018.
We wholeheartedly appreciate your kind, warn and continuous support since we have started our courses at Philleigh Way Cookery School.
Hopefully we will come back again to the school in early next year bringing new exciting courses.

Wishing you a wonderful peaceful Christmas and New Year.

Naoko x

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Sample menu
California Rolls with Prawn Tempura
Rolls sushi with tuna and garlic soy sauce
California roll sushi with tempura prawn and spicy mayo sauce
Okonomiyaki (traditional savoury pancake)
Lightly seared tuna with yuzu soy sauce
Teriyaki chicken steak
Soba Salad
Fresh Mackerel Nambam Zuke

Salt curing
Making Tempura dough
Assembling sushi rolls
Presentation of sushi