Thank you for sharing your achievements!

Our lovely customers kindly allow me to know their great achievements of recreating Japanese foods that they learnt in our classes 🙂

They learnt Aji (horse mackerel) Fry & Tar Tar Sauce and Garlicky Gizzard Karaage that are typical Izakaya food.

Well done, ladies! Looks absolutely delightful!!
And another lovely customer shared this gorgeous photo 🙂

The class she attended was sushi class and she perfectly gain the skill for roll sushi! And she made Chawanmushi using Ichiban Dashi (the first brewed Dashi) that was shared in the class as well.
Amazing, don’t you think?

We can not be more thankful for these kind report and sharing as I feel my passion for sharing a cooking paid off!
My cooking in classes are always simple and easy because my philosophy is daily cooking should not be painful for you and it should be cooked with love.
Feeling achievement and fun during your cooking is my biggest goal for conducting classes.

Thank you so much for your continuous and unwavering support.


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