South East Asian-style Fish Nanban Zuke

Indian Mackerel (Kembung) and pretty herbs…these inspired me to make something fusion-ish, the other day.

Nanban Zuke is one of typical Japanese food that was invented in 1800s. The definition of Nanban Zuke is the dish of marinated deep-fried fish and vegetables with Soy based vinegary Dashi sauce.
The Dashi is usually made of Kombu, Katsuobushi and condiments like soy sauce, sake and Mirin.
This time, I added my twist for South East Asian-style: lemon grasses, garlic and coriander roots were added into the marinade. Also, some drops of fish sauce were hidden spice for exotic flavour 🙂

After marinating for 1 hour, finally the dinner was ready!

The Nanban Zuke was served with wheat noodles that is named Umen (温麺), light-coloured Dashi dipping soup and wasabi.
All garnish came from my little kitchen garden, that is organic.

No chilli version for the kids 🙂

Cold dipping soup is perfect for the tropical hot weather.

Stay well.

Naoko xx

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