Japanese Dry Pork Curry with Butter Brown Rice Cucumber Mint Sauce

Japanese curry is widely well-known and hugely popular inside and outside of Japan. The dry curry might be not so majority of Japanese cuisine, however for most Japanese people, dry curry is one of the comfort food as a home-style food or even cafe-style food. And every house-holder has their own recipe and my recipe uniquely use kelp powder and white Miso paste. White Miso that is made of soy bean can create natural deeper taste and also we can expect the great effect of fermentation for our digestive system. You can alternatively choose chicken or beef for the curry. 

It was a national day of Singapore yesterday and we were filled with festive mood all day long.

Then when I asked my family what they wanted to eat for dinner and their answer was a dry curry 🙂

Usually serving curry and butter rice is my style, but this time I serve cucumber mint sauce alongside. The mint is home-grown and absolutely organic.

Pick up some stalks from my balcony and cook freshly.

This sauce is so clean and light because most ingredients are fresh and natural.

So it is perfect as a garnish like Chutney.

After we all appreciate our health saying ‘Itadakimasu!’, we mix all vigorously.

Let’s enjoy mess! 🙂

The texture of crisps and spicy taste of curry are marvellously beautiful.

I will share my recipe of dry curry later in this website. Hope you like it and your family will enjoy it.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

Naoko xx

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