Tokyo Olympic 2020 Bento

Somebody was fascinated to watching the Olympics. lol
It’s a shame not to be allowed to visit Japan for sending our cheers to the athletes but we are free to imagine like we are in Japan!
Then I made a Bento that themed Olympics.

The kids made national flags 🙂

Every Olympics creates a lot of ‘stars’.

It is just a superstition in Japan, but people are keen to eat deep-fried food before any challenges as deep-fried food is called ‘Katsu’ that stand for cutlet and the sound of Katsu has another meaning, victory or wining, in Japanese language. Hence most parents tend to cook any deep-fried food for their child who has an important examination. Funny, isn’t it!

Soy and Hijiki salad that is one of typical Japanese side dish.

Pickled Daikon

Octopus sausage is staple in Japanese Bento 🙂

Fish ball and mini tomato. Red and white represent Japan, right?

And of course, wish a lot of gold medals!

Hahaha, I really enjoyed to make this Bento!

The kids love Ebi fry (breaded deep-fried prawn) obviously.

Wishing all athletes the best of luck.

Naoko xx

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