Tori no Tsukune Ankake Ni (Simmered chicken meatballs with Dashi Sauce), Yaki Onigiri with Kurumi Miso (Grilled Rice Balls with Walnuts Miso Paste)

Another very Japanese home-style dish. The reason I like this is amazingly healthy since I don’t use any oil for this dish! Even with no oil, we use the tasty Umami Dashi decently for the sauce, so that’s why we feel satisfying for this light food 🙂

See? This clearest and lightest Japanese Dashi sauce.

The walnut Miso past is nicely sweet savoury but once you toss the teeny tiny rice ball into your mouth, the aroma of walnut bursts into your palate! Ummm addictive.

By these dishes, I appreciated the great essence of Japanese cuisine from my heart.

Naoko xx

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