Kids’ Cooking -Yaki Shime Saba Bou Sushi (Grilled Sweet Vinegary Mackerel Sushi)

It’s summer holiday! Summer camp is the thing for the kids.
Our original camp was held at home the other day, and it was fun for parent to see how did they try the difficult level of sushi by own (and of course, it was lucky for me if they make their dinner by themselves!!) 🙂

This time’s final image that the kids had was like that below.

I bought fresh whole mackerel from the Tiong Bahru Market and cleaned and filleted, then marinated in sweet vinegar marinade.

All preparing was done, then finally let’s get started!

The session was starting in a serious atmosphere. They absolutely were enthusiastic to make a roll.

So far, so good! They were happy to their great works.

Ok, then let’s move on to the final touching!

Putting the seared Saba on top and…

Knife should be wet. Then slicing off that is the climax of the sushi!!

It’s tough, because the rice is soft and the oil of Saba makes it more fragile.
This is one of the hardest and skilful sushi actually, so no wonder how much they struggled for it.
Never mind, just pick up bits and let yourself munch munch munch 🙂

Eventually they made all by themselves and made the most of it despite somebody was not happy for the appearance of his sushi. lol
That might be far from their ideal image of what they wanted to make, however I was so proud of their determination 🙂


You smashed it and the daddy and mummy loved your sushi so much!

Thank you for treating us, boys.

With some other Japanese side dishes, our dinner was over 🙂

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