Soy Milk Hot Pot (Tonyu Nabe)

This hot pot is Japanese chowder that contains various types of meat, seafood and vegetables.

Use soy milk instead of cow milk, so it is less calories and less fat than usual chowder 🙂 We can relish delightfully light and natural sweetness of soy milk.
We had fun to make our own meat balls using a special implement which is named Tsukune Takezutsu (つくね竹筒).

This bamboo tube is truly so useful for making meat balls!

Slide the meat mixture little by little and spontaneously the mixture turns into meat ball!

Simply fun to make our own food!

Everybody adjust the taste using Yuzu salt for their tastebuds.

It’s great way to eat balanced nutritions.

We are planning to hold virtual cooking classes for sharing authentic Japanese food to you soon.
Hope you are interested in that and hope we can say Hi! to you in the screen soon.

Stay Safe.

Naoko xx

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