Stuffed Chicken Wings with Rice & Homemade Mentaiko, Soy Sauce Ice Cream & Caramelised Apple Melt

I love Mentaiko (salted pollock roe) which is so versatile for any Japanese cuisine, however the thing is that is sadly expensive in Singapore lol
Also, I feel ones are sold in Singapore are slightly less spice.
So, why not making my Mentaiko aiming for making myself pleased? There is no excuse whatever!

Homemade Meitaiko that was smoked, which was infused by extra smokey flavour.

Mentai Potato Salad

By these small foods, we made a sharing platter.

Stuffed Chicken Wings with Rice & Homemade Mentaiko

This is the rice which was stuffed into the chicken wings.

Meitaiko Potato Salad

The boys loved these nibbles!

The most hottest hipster for them was…

Soy Sauce Ice Cream & Apple Melt

Soy sauce ice cream might sound like new and unique for you, but this ice cream was utterly game changer! The taste is like a salted caramel and the balance of sweetness and savoury is perfect for the topping of caramelised hot apple! Super addictive.

As another bonus, the soy sauce that contains into the ice cream is distiled in historical famous soy sauce brewery in Japan.

You can get this tasty and naturally healthy ice cream made in Japan from MoguShop.

We don’t want you miss out this amazing chance to tantalise your tastebuds!

Naoko xx

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